• In today's world in which billions of customer records and accounts have been compromised, the real question may not be whether or not your information has been compromised, but rather whether or not you know when identity thieves are using your already stolen information.

  • Before Friday, there might have been a debate about whether or not IoT security is important. But after Friday, it’s pretty clear -- we need to focus on IoT security now.

    -ABC News
  • Building and maintaining trust online requires active collaboration between teams across a company ranging from policy to engineering to operations.

    -Twitter Blog
  • In these types of attacks, hackers typically buy advertising space, often using stolen credit cards, and then upload malicious ads, according to Neil Daswani of Dasient Inc., a security firm that works with Web sites.

    -New York Times
  • Many business owners think their web hosting provider is taking care of the security of their website. Not so. At the low monthly fees at which many hosting services are made available, the web hosting provider does not scan the websites for vulnerabilities or malware.


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